Leading since 1945

About Unidrive Pty Ltd

Unidrive Pty. Ltd. based in Clayton has been a leading manufacturer of automotive propeller shafts and driveshafts since 1952. Its contribution to the local car manufacturing industry was recognized by the Victorian Government in 2002, with a 'Hall Of Fame Award' presented to Unidrive for Manufacturing Excellence. Unidrive's current manufacturing capabilities have developed as a progression of our  investment interests of parent companies as outlined below.

Our History

1950 Hardy Spicer (Australia) a subsidiary of the UK parent company, commenced operations in 1950 producing universal joint kits and yokes for agricultural applications at a plant in Burwood.

1952 Repco Forge in Clayton was originally set up as a joint venture with Kirkstall Forge, Leeds, UK in 1952.

1954 Repco acquired Hardy Spicer (Australia), continuing to produce a similar product range under a licensing agreement, and in 1963 this range was expanded to include Commercial Vehicle driveshafts for original equipment and aftermarket purposes.


1963 Repco acquired the Kirkstall interest and changed the name to Repco Engineering and Forge Co.

1964 Hardy Spicer (Australia) moved to the Clayton site, and assumed responsibility for all machining operations and the name reverted to Repco Forge Co. Whilst activities in this area related primarily to production of automotive forgings for supply to vehicle manufacturers and 'in house' use, forgings were also products for Agricultural, Earthmoving and other Industries.

1967 The licence agreement with Hardy Spicer UK was extended to include Birfield (Rzeppa) constant velocity joints and the company commenced supply of Front Wheel Driveshafts to suit the Morris/Austin range of vehicles, series 850, 1100 and 1800.

1983 Repco Universal Drivelines was registered and represented an amalgamation of three subsidiaries, Hardy Spicer (Aust.) Co., Repco Universal Joints Co., and Repco Forge Co.

1988 Unidrive Pty. Ltd. was registered following a joint venture between BTR Nylex, United Kingdom engineering giant GKN Industries and NTN Toyo Bearings Co. Ltd. of Japan. This gave Unidrive the technology to manufacture the constant velocity drive shafts used in front wheel drive cars plus continue to manufacture rear wheel drive propeller shafts with on-site forging operations, to supply original equipment to automotive manufacturers both locally and overseas. Hardy Spicer (Aust.) Co. remained a division of Unidrive Pty. Ltd. with 12 aftermarket service centre branches throughout Australia.

2000 GKN and NTN Corporation purchased the BTR interest in the joint venture with equity of 60% and 40% respectively.

2002 Unidrive Pty Ltd ceased aftermarket presence and Hardy Spicer (Aust.) Co was sold April 24, 2002.