Even the biggest success Starts with a first step

Mission Statement


To be Australia's leading supplier of driveline components and systems to the automotive industry.


To design and manufacture superior driveline products supported by the best customer service.

Our mission is reflected in the following principles:-

To be the supplier of choice

- We will set the benchmark for quality, cost and delivery.

To be the employer of choice

- Our workplace facilities will motivate and empower our employees to meet their full potential.

- We are an equal opportunity company respecting the rights, dignity and safety of all our employees.

To be the company of choice

- We will safeguard the environment and contribute to the community by complying with all regulatory frameworks.

- We recognize the contribution of our suppliers and support them in developing their capabilities.

- We are committed to deliver shareholder value to our parent companies, GKN & NTN

These principles will be achieved through - "The Unidrive Way"


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