Environmental, Privacy Quality & Safety

OH&S Policy

Unidrive recognises it’s moral & legal responsibility to provide and maintain a working environment that is safe & without risks to health. This commitment extends to ensuring employees, contractors, visitors & neighbours are not at risk of injury or illness from Unidrive activities.

To meet these obligations Unidrive Pty Ltd is committed to:

• Seek continuous improvement in occupational health and safety performance by involving all levels of employees in regular monitoring, reporting and review of established OHS objectives & targets;

• Comply with applicable OHS legislation, regulations and standards and the GKN Health & Safety Policy;

• Strive to reduce incidents & injuries by identifying unacceptable OHS hazards & associated risks and reducing these risks to acceptable levels in consultation with relevant employees, contractors, visitors and neighbours;

• Provide information, training, instruction and supervision to employees, contractors and visitors to enable their safe performance of work and to develop a culture of responsibility and accountability;

• Maintain and continuously improve the OHS Management System to meet the requirements of OHSAS 18001

This policy applies to all activities associated with the design & manufacture of automotive driveline systems & components at the Unidrive Pty Ltd site in Clayton.

The Unidrive OHS policy will be displayed across the site & made available to the public on request.

Privacy Policy

Unidrive Pty Ltd is bound by the Privacy (Private Sector) Amendment Act 2000 and will act in accordance with the National Privacy Principles contained in that Act.

  • Collection of personal information will be fair, lawful and not intrusive. Our organization's name and the purpose of collection will be made evident at time of collection. The person will be informed how they can get access to their personal information and what happens if the person does not give the information.
  • Personal information will only be used or disclosed for the purpose for which it was collected, unless the person has consented or the secondary purpose is related to the primary purpose and a person would reasonably expect such use or disclosure, or in circumstances related to public interest such as law enforcement and public or individual health and safety.
  • Reasonable steps will be taken to make sure that the personal information collected, used or disclosed is accurate, complete and up to date.
  • Reasonable steps will be taken to protect the personal information held from misuse, loss and from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.
  • Sensitive information will not be collected unless the individual has consented, it is required by law – or in other special specified circumstances, for example relating to health services provision and individual or public health or safety.

    Further information can be otained by contacting the Human Resources Manager. Phone 03 9542 4242.

Quality Policy

Unidrive is committed to understand, meet and, where practicable, exceed our Customer's Requirements through the continuous improvement of our processes. We are dedicated to delivering defect free product on time at competitive pricing.

• We recognise that our leadership will only be sustainable through the following principles:

• Deliver growth through lean, quality and standard processes.

• Provide products and services of the highest standards, to satisfy our customer’s needs, expectations of quality, safety, reliability and service.

  • • Maintain our Quality Assurance System to comply with and where practicable exceed the requirements of our Customer and ISO/TS16949.
  • • Controlling processes with the correct tools and techniques.

  • • Careful selection and then development of our Suppliers.

  • • Continuous improvement of our processes and systems by applying lean tools and involving all our employees.



Environmental Policy

Unidrive recognises it has a responsibility to ensure that it’s operations are performed with as low an impact on the environment as is practicable to achieve.

To meet this responsibility, Unidrive is committed to:

  • Minimising emissions to air, land and water.
  • Minimise waste by-products and recycling unavoidable waste wherever possible.
  • Minimise use of resources and raw materials.
  • Comply with environmental regulations, laws and other requirements to which Unidrive subscribes.
  • Set and review Environmental Objectives and Targets that are continuously improving.
  • Identify process and activity environmental aspects and impacts and implement corrective action plans where the impacts are significant.
  • Ensure employees & contractors understand and commit to Unidrive's enviromental Policy & procedures.
  • Maintain and continuously improve our Environmental Management System to meet the requirements of ISO14001.

    This policy applies to all activities associated with the design and manufacture of automotive driveline systems and components at the Unidrive Pty Ltd site in Clayton

The Undrive Environmental Policy will be made available to the public on request